Want To Know About The Future Of Mobile Marketing in India? Read Here…

With over 771 million mobile phone users in India, many big and small brands seem to opt for mobile marketing as a reliable option to access modes of advertising and connecting with their consumers. It’s expected that the number of smartphones users will increase than humans around the world in the upcoming time. Mobile phones have seen a tremendous change in their journey since its dawn. It was then when people used mobile phones only for texting and calling, and it is now when people search, share, explore, shop apart from just connecting to the people via mobile phones.

With the increase of Smartphone users in India, mobile internet usage is continuously increasing, especially in the Tier II & Tier III cities. Mobile devices have now become the leading digital access point for numerous people in the country offering marketers with a plethora of opportunities and allowing them to attain even those consumers who were hard to reach through traditional marketing. As per the estimations, the mobile market in India is likely to grow to Rs. 1,000 Cr by 2019.

The potential of the mobile to target users and reach the correct audience in the best possible way is what makes this space exciting. Intelligent marketers continuously review their brand’s target audience to ensure that they are moving in rhythm with the people they want to connect with. Marketers need to regularly reassess the performance and attitude of mobile consumers to make sure that they are not lagging behind their competitors.

Moreover, if we talk about the performance of mobile consumers, it remains unaffected as the majority of mobile users squander almost 6 hours a day on their mobile internet doing numerous things that include entertainment, communicating with friends, shopping, searching, and so on. It offers a range of opportunities in the mobile space that marketers can grab and get benefitted with. If marketers want to clutch these opportunities, then, they should look to educational services.

So, Marketers, these days are anyway realizing the power of mobile as a marketing medium and are including mobile marketing in their marketing strategy accordingly. Mobile has become a significant channel for marketers to increase their brand message. However, they must keep all operating system and devices in mind while mapping their mobile communication as India is a very split and diverse market and so their target audience can be on all possible devices.

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