Mobile Marketing Campaigns To Get Inspired From

In the digital world today the smartphone sales overwhelmingly exceeds the laptop sales but companies assign only a fraction of their budget on mobile marketing.

The fact that India had more than 220 million smartphone users in 2016 cannot be ignored. We spend our entire day close to our fancy devices. What mobile marketers need to do is capitalize on the fact that significant revenue can be generated through creative mobile campaigns.

Few of the mobile campaigns which proved to be a huge success are explained below:-

1. Ogilvy Paris – A marketing organization based in Paris offered users free Wi-Fi only if they passed a spelling test. More the correct spellings more the no. of free Wi-Fi hours. This campaign proved out to be a huge success and the end result was hours of free Wi-Fi and numerous downloads of scrabble app.

2. Audi’s start stop app – Audi came out of the box to promote its start stop technology, they introduced an application which did not promote their cars but gave notification to the users regarding the applications that were active in the background and utilized battery life. The stop button’s functionality in the application was to kill the apps that were running in the background. It resembled Audi’s start stop technology that would put the engine in sleep mode once the car stops at a traffic signal. Through this initiative Audi related it’s cars with efficiency.

3. Ford –Ford started “Send Us A Text” messaging campaign which resulted in 15.4% conversion. Once someone messages FORD to their specified no. Ford would reply back asking the name, name of the car and other details followed by either a dealer calling you or visiting with the ford car for test drive.

4. McDonald’s – McDonald’s utilised the GPS technology by allowing its customers in the United States to get access to specially designed McDonald’s filters on Snapchat once the user visited the McDonald’s outlet. McDonald’s partnered with Snapchat which is getting popular among youths.

5. World Wildlife Federation – WWF very beautifully started a mobile campaign using the unique feature of Snapchat, according to which an image displayed lasts only for a few seconds and then it disappears. WWF used images of endangered species with the caption don’t let this be my #lastselfie. The disappearance of the image resembled with the extinction of the endangered species if no action is taken.

6. IKEA Catalogue app – IKEA the largest furniture company in the United States introduced an application which got around 6 million downloads. The application allowed its users to place 3D furniture into their homes by clicking images of their homes. Ikea believes that the hardest aspect of purchasing furniture is not buying it but how will it look into your home.

So guys! Any more campaign ideas from your side which you think is a great one to get inspired from?

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