Marketing: The Elon Musk way

If you have never heard of Elon Musk, you must be living under a rock. From a broke and out on his last dollar guy to a multi-billionaire visionary …he had a lot of experiences.
You probably have heard of him recently when he launched his car into the space. YES, SPACE. The reason, “WHY NOT?” the image of a Tesla Roadster in space stunned everyone and that’s when everyone knew who Elon Musk is … and that’s genius marketing.
What does he do? He touches a project and it turns into gold, that’s what. But, still, the only secret in his sleeve is brilliant and unparalleled marketing. Inventing PayPal and then making people realize the importance of it wasn’t an easy task, but his subtle marketing techniques did it. The production of Tesla cars which are fully electric took some hard work but look where it is now, in space just waving over us in top gear.
The ads he put out, during super bowl, were exactly what people wanted. Something powerful and something innovative. And that’s what marketing is all about, people.
Musk takes something bland and ordinary and develops it according to what people want. Assume if you know that there’s fish for dinner, and you are tired of having fish again and again. Then comes Elon Musk, with a bowl full of rice and a bottle of soy sauce to make Sushi for you. It’s the same ingredient, but you like it better when it’s been reinvented.
That’s what marketing agencies and people in this field should aim for, the newness and the freshness in your product or schemes. There’s nothing more repellent than being stuck in the same loop of similar sheets and products. Customers, clients and even your staff needs introduction to new stuff.
The point goes to prove that Elon Musk is not some “Marketing Genius”, he analyzes what people want, and he knows that if the product is good, people won’t shy away from spending an extra buck.
People in the marketing should take this a lesson to market their products, don’t just shove your advertisements down the throat of your audience, be creative with it. People will get attracted to creative things and become your clients automatically. Innovation and creativity are the best ways to get popular in the right way.
Or you can invade your customer’s private data and pull cheap marketing hacks as many social networks do, which by the way is unethical and in many cases, illegal. The charm of your brand is created when people see innovation in it, the loyal fan base is nothing but an attracted following.
The renovation keeps you in the business and your freshness keeps you ahead in the game. In this constantly changing world and ever-evolving business environment, don’t just adapt and survive, you have to innovate and thrive.
And if you ever fall short of motivation or a move to make your business shine brighter than the fire of the Boring Company Flamethrower (another Elon Musk company) you will always have this space to look forward to, or innovators and marketers like Musk and Zuckerberg.

While you are at it, learn what do to from Musk, and learn what not to do from Zuckerberg.

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