Importance Of Social Listening

The number of social media conversations happening around the world is no less whether from top notch celebrity to the latest technology used around the world to Sensex rise and drop in everything the social media is rising up .Even with the current news they get the updated lists first so one can only get a hang-up of it by being a social listener.

So social listening or social media is only helpful when we have the eagerness and the capability to take all the conversations and get meaningful insights from the data given by the social media. From Grandparents sharing the old pictures of their children getting married to old photos on Facebook, etc.

According to me social listening is the process of collecting the social media and or collecting or the important forums on a chosen topic . This is basically for the people to create a social awareness on a much higher scale of people. This can influence a wide range of processes including business operations, product updates etc.

Now it’s so that what Tech is all about, everyone knows about it. This is only possible because of the social listening that is taking place around. Also in my blog I would like to mention there is a big difference between social listening, analytics & intelligence. Social Media Analytics is the process of analyzing data. The analytics part is actually finding insights from the data – like who is saying what, what is the topic of conversation where it takes place, authors and so on. So now here we involve tools like author analysis, page type analysis, etc.

The social media listening can be used by Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), Charities, Customers, Government, etc.
Generally we need a dedicated tool or platform to actually carry out the social listening. There’s some basic stuff one could do by using something like Google alerts, but keeping in mind it’s going to be quite thin answer superficial. I mean to say that for some people social listening might be a part of an ongoing strategy. Others might be looking for a simple answer to questions. It is important to understand what is that one wants to achieve. Therefore once you know what data one would need it is very important to speak to people directly who are involved in this area.

Social listening is one of the most important practices that the marketers have started in recent times. This helps in better audience management and content selection. Social listening helps us understand our audience more precisely.

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