Advertising growth via YouTube

Youtube advertising is overall great deal right now. It runs on Google AdWords. It works on a bidding system. You only have to pay when the viewer passes 30 seconds or finishes the video.

There is more than 1 billion unique user visits on YouTube every month and over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month which is almost an hour for each person on the earth. Millions of subscriptions happen each day, it is just doubled since last year.

Youtube advertising is also known as TrueView video ads. There are two forms of Youtube paid Advertising:

1. Stream Ads

  1. Display Ads

Stream Ads:
When a viewer clicks to watch a video on YouTube, stream ads appear at the beginning. After 5 seconds of the ad, the viewer gets an option to skip the ad. But if it hooks viewer’s eye and passes over 30 seconds, then the advertiser has to pay. If ads video is shorter, you will be charged if they view your full ad. You will also be charged if viewer clicks on the advert to watch your video.

Display Ads:
In display ads, your ads are advertised in the search results and watch pages. It is more like traditional display advertising, in which your ads appear as an image. When a potential customer clicks on the ad they are redirected to your channel to watch it.

Benefits of Advertising on Youtube

  • YouTube is second most popular browser after Google in the world. It allows you to connect with the local as well as international audiences.
  • Youtube advertising is cost effective, compared to television advertising. Even companies with small budgets have the potential to reach their target audience.
  • YouTube free analytics tool helps you to know, who’s watching your ad and how they are reacting to them. It is an easy way to track views, popularity, demographics, audience attention etc.
  • It is a myth that YouTube videos need to be viral to gain hits, but the fact is videos do need to be Interesting to gain views. If the video is interesting and informative, it could ultimately become viral.
  • YouTube provides you a brilliant combination of video access, comment, and sharing. If a viewer finds your video an interesting material, they have the option of sharing that, which significantly expands the reach of your video.

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