A corrective view on Apple

One of the most cherished and feted companies to ever exist; Apple is losing its grip every year. Granted that it made the technology leap forward by introducing bezel-less phones, but it seems like the arrogance of Apple is returning back even this year. With no significant development but minor upgrade in the screen and display department, Apple risked its profit for this year.

More and more people are switching from IOS to Android every passing year and 2018 doesn’t look good for IOS as well. We’ve witnessed Android peak its features every year with new components and ideas embedded into the updates, but IOS only does security updates to please its users and keep them in the shadow of ‘latest technology’. The field of technology is leaping as we speak and Apple doesn’t seem to care very much about that leap. Instead, they tread differently and serve products with minor upgrades and promote them as crucial.

Mr. Essential: Steve Jobs

The innovation took a deep breath when Steve Jobs was in charge of Apple. The company churned innovative products and sold them like hotcakes. It’s true that Jobs didn’t design or develop the IPhones, Ipods or Mac as well, but he did supervise them and that’s when it made all the difference. Steve Jobs was truly the life of Apple and the only thing he put on top was innovation; he nurtured the future because he could envision it. However, Tim Cook: his successor didn’t bother much when it came to innovation, the only thing he put emphasis on was Business revenues. To his credit, he did bring the better displays and boosted the internal aspect of the IPhones, but slowly ruined it for the exterior.

What’s the most common mistake?

What fetches the concern of many tech critics are the steps of Apple introducing the ‘sub-phones’ which are slightly cheaper and are “new” in the most conventional sense. For example- IPhone 8 and 8 Plus, two ‘new’ pieces of technology were completely overshadowed by the glossy and revolutionary IPhone X- the phone which epitomizes Apple’s long 10 year run in the business of mobile phones. As soon as the new design of the IPhone X was introduced, the crowd went haywire and it got on top of trending things just in a jiffy. This year Apple has done the same, along with the IPhone Xs and Xs Max, it has introduced a predecessor of the iPhone. IPhoneXr, the cheaper version of their last year’s phone. If history is any witness, Apple will again downplay the fact that their showstopper phones have their sales going through the roof while the IPhone Xr suffers to hold its place in the market just like iPhone 8 did last year.


No matter what Apple does, it does it with bling and it is the only thing left in it to envy. The marketing of Apple is genius and profound and most of the phone companies look up to it. Whether Apple will lose its bling just like it lost the innovation is a serious matter to forward to. For now, the only thing we can do is save money and buy the new iPhone which is just an expensive way to do the same work we can do on an Android for maybe 3 times less money.

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