5 Mobile Marketing trends to follow in 2017

Mobile marketing still continues to be the platform of focus for marketers because of its increasing demand. So, there is no doubt that 2017 will be the year of mobile marketing.

Mobile devices has officially beaten desktops by becoming the top source of web traffic all across the world. According to a research conducted in October 2016, almost half of the (51.3%) internet users came from mobile devices whereas only 48.7% came through desktops.

This rapid shift towards mobile marketing is not a big surprise as it had already been predicted over past few years. So, here I have collected 10 mobile marketing trends on which a marketer should keep his eyes in the coming year of 2017.

1. Messaging Apps will benefit Mobile Marketers In 2016, Facebook introduced an automated messenger bot for offering better marketing services to the users. The messaging applications are progressively developing into full-fledged marketing & commerce platforms. The mobile messaging platforms are likely to have a long-lasting effect on customer engagement and their transactions. Marketers should jump on into such platforms to earn huge profits.

2. Mobile Markets will become self-sufficient and independent of counterparts Today ad platforms provide marketers to take self-serve decisions and solutions like it let them creative promos, create video ads without even having hard-core knowledge of Photoshop. The online economy, including the mobile platform, has provided many small business entrepreneurs with the self-sufficient and independent marketing methods. Marketers who desire to promote their products on their own should add this trend in their mobile marketing strategy.

3.There will be more location based services and technologies In the times to come location-based data will become important to engage customers with the brand. Small and upcoming businesses will focus more on such services and technologies, like starting their own mobile applications, payments and ads based on the location. In 2016, 78% of marketers had spent more on location-based marketing compared to the previous years.

4.Live videos will continue to grow Nowadays users are preferring live videos as it increases brand awareness and enhances engagement. Both the video ads and live streaming videos are expected to grow in 2017. Mobile video increased up to 28%, compared to the period of 2014-2016, so the response is awe-inspiring. Mobile marketers should not forget to add this trend to their list of mobile marketing strategy so as to increase lead generation.

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